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I spent a lot of this last weekend aspirationally re-upping my vim game. That’s what there is to do for fun nowadays, I guess. Maybe I’ll actually stick to it this time.

Characteristically, I spent too long fiddling with things that don’t matter. is great to attach to a remote server (with pretty colors and cool remappings) but what about when we’re offline? We can use ish to run a ssh server with an Alpine linux environment and then connect to it with blink.

from the ish side:

apk add python3 git zsh shadow ncurses perl curl openssh openrc vim nvim
adduser user
ssh-keygen -A

# this way we can run it in the background, although this is a bit too laggy
# running ish and side by side gets the most responsive results
# //
cat /dev/location > /dev/null &
/usr/sbin/sshd -d -p 8000

Get things set up to be pretty Settings -> General -> Keyboard -> Hardware Keyboard -> Modifier Keys

from the blink side:

ssh -p 8000 user@localhost

(answer yes then no, when you reinstall ish it will have a new key, blink will freak out, and it’s hard to fix)

too slow/wonky for my full zsh setup, but with some plugins disabled vim is manageable

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