I spent a lot of this last weekend aspirationally re-upping my vim game. That’s what there is to do for fun nowadays, I guess. Maybe I’ll actually stick to it this time.

Characteristically, I spent too long fiddling with things that don’t matter. In particular, I really tweaked out over git diff symbols in the gutter.

I felt that the the default + and - symbols don’t efficiently show the spatial structure of the diffs they represented. I addressed this by using full-width underscore elements for the deletion diffs (where the deleted lines are just below) and a mirrored L shape for the deletion plus modification diffs (representing changes to the focal line in addition to deletion below).

I also felt the diff symbols lacked visual weight necessary to make their color coding pop. I fixed this by prepending the diff symbols with a full-character box.

Anyways, I spent long enough combing through the ASCII character set and playing with different options figured it might be worth a share. Here’s a screen grab example of the gutter diff symbols I eventually settled on in action.

The gutter symbols in action.

Here’s the relevant .vimrc bits for your copy/paste pleasure.

let g:gitgutter_sign_added = '█|'
let g:gitgutter_sign_modified = '█⫶'
let g:gitgutter_sign_removed = '█▁'
let g:gitgutter_sign_removed_first_line = '█▔'
let g:gitgutter_sign_modified_removed = "█▟"

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