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Week 2, 2020: Miscellaneous Best Practices

🔗 Pre-Discussion Learning Material

🔗 Conversation Starters/Discussion Questions

  1. What is your hot take on using emoji in commit messages?
  2. What are your favorite horrible, C++-specific gotchas?
    • Seriously, I’m looking to expand my list.
  3. What are examples of the worst naming you’ve come across reading code The best naming?
  4. What are your favorite best practices? Are there any best practices or opinions you think are overrated?
  5. What techniques do you use to come up with good names for your software?
  6. When should you add more than just a title to a commit message?
  7. What types of documentation do you find the most helpful? The least helpful? The easiest to write and the hardest to write?