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Week 3, 2021: Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

๐Ÿ”— Pre-Discussion Learning Material

Rankin, Yolanda A., Jakita O. Thomas, and Sheena Erete. โ€œReal talk: saturated sites of violence in CS education.โ€ ACM Inroads 12.2 (2021): 30-37.

Please bring something outside of the paper that helps deepen your understanding of the underlying issues the paper is discussing itself. This could be a story in the news, a fact or statistic from a talk, a line of reasoning from another paper, a personal experience, a story from a friend, a passage from a book, a poem, a piece of art, really anything. Aim for something you can present in a minute or two. This is optional, but encouraged.

๐Ÿ”— Agenda

  • guest introductions (5 min)
  • discussion guidelines (5 min)
    • feel free to message me directly during or after the discussion with any concerns
    • if you need to step out of the discussion space, for a few minutes or for the remainder, feel free to do so โ€” no need to ask for permission or check in (unless you want to)
  • roundtable, what additional context helps deepen your understanding? (25 min)
    • be sure to tie back to the discussion paper
    • weโ€™ll have a chance for a comment or follow-up or two
  • freeform big group discussion (5 min)
  • small groups (10 min): what action should we expect from
    • a coworker?
    • a professor or teacher?
    • a dean, principal, or university administrator?
    • a hiring manager or recruiter?
    • a manager or corporate executive?
    • a legislator?
  • report small group highlights to big group & discuss (10 min)