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MABE Module Widget

Hi! I am currently working on widgets for Modular Agent Based Evolution Framework, formally known as MABE. The team is led by mentors Clifford Bohm and Jory Schossau. However, unlike everyone else usually compiling languages, the widgets I am creating are using languages such as HTML, CSS and Javascript in hopes of a better UX/UI MABE platform for new users of MABE.

🔗 What is MABE?

MABE (Modular Agent-based Evolver) is an open-source Evolutionary Computation (EC) research platform designed to be used by biologists, engineers, computer scientists, and other researchers to allow for the combination of interchangeable modules to construct experiments in digital evolution, artificial life, ecology and neuroevolution.

🔗 Purpose

So what we need is something that conveys the ideas that MABE is made up of modular / swappable components as the selection of 1 of each thing comprises one complete MABE runtime (this brain, that genome, this world… my experiment! yada yada yada. Simple and complicated experiments before the actually experiment, and also new components can be added hence the the “Custom” parameter. The idea is to convey all of that information in a static image but in a slide-o-matic view. The interactivity of it is gravy on top, where we can provide additional information and talk about specific experiments that have been run with various configurations the user tries out.

As Jory mentioned, it’s still important to use every visual trick in the book to differentiate the rows, such as making each row have its own color. Soon it will be embedded into a longer web page as part of the wiki where it will be a piece of the documentation and will exist as a component on one of the documentation pages, among other explanatory text. Much like how some web sites or blogs will have interactive demos embedded within their pages at certain points in the text.

🔗 Results

widget screenshot

The widgets are used to get a broader idea of the parts of MABE’s Functional Overview. Here is the functional page: