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πŸ”— Introductions

farm animals

  • name
  • optionally, the pronouns we should use to address you in this setting
  • where you’re from & where you are
  • your interests

πŸ”— Workshop Objectives


  1. to help participants advance their careers by skillbuilding through hands-on C++ and/or JavaScript software development in an academic setting,
  2. to catalyze effective science communication and science pedagogy by helping participants develop the know-how to showcase their research through interactive web applications,
  3. to jumpstart software development on web framework and core digital evolution tools in support of the next version of the Avida-ED scientific and educational software, and
  4. to yield software that broadly enriches the digital evolution, scientific, education, and open-source communities.

πŸ”— Workshop Structure

growing plant

  • weekly group meetings
  • one-on-one meetings with mentors
  • weekly enrichment meetings
  • blog post and blog post reviews
  • details on the workshop schedule

πŸ”— Our Software Stack

software, apparently

  • Avida-ED
  • MABE
  • Empirical
  • Emscripten